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Down Memory Lane

As a little girl I use to sit in my mother’s kitchen as she cooked, constantly asking “Mama Mama can I do it, can I help”. At the age of nine she finally gave me my very first task, and the love of food and creativity has been embedded in me since that very day.

Bringing excitement to people through my food is what made me turn my passion into my profession. When you do something you love it’s never a job it’s simply enjoyment.

About Jordan Love

Hmmm…..How did I get the name Jordan Love? Jordan Love is based around my family. Jordan represents my father’s side and Love represents my mother’s side. A lot of my products are named after my family from past to present. It’s very exciting to be able to place my family name on my very own products. My family has always been big on food and cooking, because it brings everyone together.


A majority of our food came from my grandfather’s gardens from grapes to apples, snap beans to turnips and much more growing up. The love of freshness started early for me. My family introduced me to this passionate journey, so bringing excitement to others through my food and products gives me joy to my soul. Through the love of culinary my family memories will continue to be remembered.

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